This page lists information and locations of Lore in The Whispering Tide event. There are 8 pieces of Lore.

The Lore entries can be found under Lore/Events/The Whispering Tide.

Lore LocationsEdit

Whispering Tide Event Lore LocationsEdit

  1. Area: Agartha, Coords: 580/165
    - It's by the first Filthy Agartha portal where you used to get The Cleansing Protocol.
  2. Area: Corrupted Argatha
    - It's after the second boss in Enter the filth. You can't miss it.
    - If you missed this before, this can still be reached in Enter The Filth Phase 2 (needs confirmation)
  3. Area: Corrupted Argatha, Coords: 175/225
    - You will see it before you can get to it in Enter The Filth Phase 2. After the final fight with the boss, if you look below you will see a branch.
    - Jump down to that branch, you will have to fight past some normal monsters. It is at the end of the path, back next to the area where the second boss was.
  4. Area: Corrupted Argatha, Coords: 140/210
    - This one is tricky to see and get to in Enter The Filth Phase 2. At the end of the first branch, just before you jump down to the platform below.
    - Just to the right of the portal, below it on a small branch.
    - You will need to use walk to get onto it. If you miss it just jump off the platform, you will respawn at the entrance. Walking backwards off the ledge so that the lore passes you, and spaming U as you fall has also worked.
  5. Unknown
  6. Unknown
  7. Unknown
  8. Unknown

Deutsche ÜbersetzungEdit

Whispering Tide Event Fundorte für WissenEdit

  1. Gebiet:  Agartha (580/165)
    - Am verunreinigten Portal, wo es die Mission °Das Reinigungsprotokoll° gibt (Springen und U drücken).
  2. Gebiet: Verunreinigtes Argatha.
    - Direkt nach dem 2. Boss der Mission In den Schmutz. Nicht zu verfehlen.
  3. Unbekannt
  4. Unbekannt
  5. Unbekannt
  6. Unbekannt
  7. Unbekannt
  8. Unbekannt

Traduction françaiseEdit

Emplacement des pages du CompendiumEdit

  1. Zone : Agartha Coordonnées : 580/165
    - En haut à gauche du portail d'Agartha souillé, point de départ de la mission 'Face à la Souillure'.
  2. Pendant la mission 'Face à la Souillure'.
    - Impossible à rater, c'est juste à la fin. Coordonnées 114/220
  3. Encore inconnu
  4. Encore inconnu
  5. Encore inconnu
  6. Encore inconnu
  7. Encore inconnu
  8. Encore inconnu



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