This is a new mission in the Samhain 2013 event. It's a side mission started in the Orochi Camp in Blue Mountain, in the same truck that has the Filth Amendment mission. This mission awards you with Tyler's spooky story which is one of the 10 stories needed to complete the Spooky Stories of Solomon Island mission.


Tyler Freeborn received a very disturbing email in the days before he died. It would be a good fit for Danny's book. Find out what the email is all about.

Reward: 74,800 XP, Tyler's spooky story, 10,000 Pax Romana, Sack of Penny Dreadfuls


Tier 1Edit

Use the laptop, then head to the carpark by Whale Watch in Blue Mountain. Pick up the mirror on the ground (176/200).

Tier 2Edit

Place the mirror at the ritual site at the beach, then immediately use the following emotes, one after another: /bow, /salute, and /worship. Defeat the summoned phantom. The spawned mob can be any of a set of random mobs, including a powerful wrath with slow. For this reason it is wise to preclear the immediate area before using the ritual site such that you can backpedal kite this mob without engaging additional aggro. This is also where Lore #5 is located.