This is a new mission in the Samhain 2013 event. It's a side mission started in the CDC camp in Blue Mountain near Marianne Chen. This mission awards you with Marianne's spooky story which is one of the 10 stories needed to complete the Spooky Stories of Solomon Island mission.


Marianne Chen has written a confession of some sort. It might be a good fit for Danny's book. Read the story and authenticate it.

Reward: 74,800 XP, Marianne's spooky story, 10,000 Pax Romana, Sack of Penny Dreadfuls


Tier 1Edit

Read the story, then head for the mission marker which is a mail box of the nearby house. Head to the house and enter the basement.

Tier 2Edit

From the side closest to the refrigerator, use the corpse in the bathtub. Immediately back up to the refrigerator (to eliminate any of the minions from surrounding you). You will be attacked by 3 waves of three Organ Harvesters with 2968 HP that use hammers or pistols, then in wave 4 you will be attacked by Mark Davies with 10,238 HP who uses a hammer. The waves can be difficult for lower geared players, as the enemies are QL10 difficulty.

This is also where Lore #4 is located.