This is a new mission in the Samhain 2013 event. It's a side mission started near Ellis Hill's grave near 375/744. Speaking to Ellis Hill's ghost will make him drop a note with the mission. This mission awards you with Ellis Hill's spooky story which is one of the 10 stories needed to complete the Spooky Stories of Solomon Island mission.


The ghost of Ellis Hill was wandering around the old bike track in Kingsmouth. When defeated, it dropped a bizarre note. This might be something that would be useful for Danny's book.

Reward: 74,800 XP, Ellis Hill's spooky story, 10,000 Pax Romana, Sack of Penny Dreadfuls


Tier 1Edit

You don't actually have to defeat the ghost, just click on him so he drops a note for you. Use the note. This is also where Lore #6 is located.

Tier 2Edit

Just follow the marker to the car which is inside a hangar at the airport. After using the car, escape the hangar to complete the mission. It is best to use the car with your back to the car and facing the door (for a rapid exit).