This page lists information and locations of Lore in the Samhain 2013 event. There are 11 pieces of Lore.

The Lore entries can be found under Lore/Events/Samhain/Samhain 2013.

All of these can be found while following the mission for Spooky Stories of Solomon Island.

Lore LocationsEdit

  1. Savage Coast, Coords: 497/896
    - On top of the League of Monster Slayer's clubhouse.
  2. Savage Coast, Coords: 393/65
    - Near a campfire at the coast down Mason's Crescent.
  3. Blue Mountain, Coords: 353/647
    - Inside a wabanaki hut in the old wabanaki village.
  4. Blue Mountain
    - Inside the instance for The Organ Smugglers, you can't miss it.
  5. Blue Mountain, Coords: 82/604
    - At a ritual side on the coast near Whale Watching.
  6. Kingsmouth Town, Coords: 376/743
    - At Ellis Hill's grave.
  7. The Blue Mountain, Coords: 887/562
    - On a small hill in the Bog.
  8. Kingsmouth Town, Coords: 259/121
    - On the big tree at Jack-o-Lantern's pumpkin patch.
  9. Kingsmouth Town, Coords: 13/854
    - On the bottom of the cliffs near Langmore Bridge.
  10. Savage Coast
    - Inside Sam Krieg's biggest fan's basement, behind the bookshelves.
  11. Blue Mountain, Coords: 372/935
    - At a car wreck on the northern coast.